Advantages of Spotlight:

At the municipal library you can read and borrow it free.

Texts are divided into three levels (easy, medium, difficult), which means that you can choose articles according to your linguistic skills.

German summaries help you to find articles that you are interested in.

Translations of difficult and/or unknown words (with phonetic transcriptions) save time because you need not look them up in a dictionary.

A wide range of topics increases the chance that you find something inter­esting. It is no problem to borrow older copies because there are relatively few texts about current affairs.

Grammar and vocabulary exercises can help to improve your English.

Spoken English prepares for everyday situations (you can listen to the dialogues on the CD)

Background information on language and culture may be helpful for school.

How to Improve Your English with Spotlight:

  • Choose a suitable and interesting article and copy it.
  • Highlight useful words/collocations/expressions and – if necessary – trans­late them.
  • Imagine that you have to present the text to your class­mates or a friend in a little speech of about 2-3 minutes.
  • If possible speak loud, practise in front of a mirror to check your body language and/or record yourself from time to time.
  • Think of an interesting beginning. Do NOT begin with: „My text is about …“
  • If necessary read the text again and try once more.
  • Later focus only on the highlighted elements.
  • Practice / improve your speech by actively using the new words/coll­oca­tions/expressions.
  • Practise until you can present the text fluently (if possible from memory without any notes).
  • After 2-3 weeks revise your presentation. If necessary study the text again and revise „your“ vocab.

There is also a Spotlight website.