Whenever you read a Tea­Ti­me-Mag arti­cle or have an assign­ment, do the fol­lo­wing things in the given order:

  • First lis­ten to the text WITHOUT rea­ding anything. 
  • Sum­ma­ri­ze oral­ly in a few sen­ten­ces what you’ve heard.
  • Read the text care­ful­ly. Befo­re you “hover” your mou­se over an under­li­ned word, try to guess its mea­ning from the con­text.
  • Pre­pa­re and prac­tice a talk of 4–5 minu­tes about your text. Take  care to use the simp­le pre­sent. (“My text IS about … The aut­hor EXPLAINS / DESCRIBES …”)
  • Now click on ‘Lan­guage’ and do the Com­pre­hen­si­on Quiz.
  • Scroll down and click on the text voca­bu­la­ry (i.e. the one which has the same tit­le as the text)  and print out the list of words.
  • High­light (Mar­kie­re) TEN NEW and inte­res­ting / use­ful words / expres­si­ons and learn them. If you don’t know how to pro­noun­ce a word cor­rec­t­ly, look it up in the OALDBring “your” vocab list to class in the next les­son.
  • Alter­na­tively wri­te down “your” words tog­e­ther with the Ger­man trans­la­ti­on on a pie­ce of paper and bring it to the next les­son.
  • Prac­tice / impro­ve your talk once more and try to actively use your new voca­bu­la­ry.

PS. It is an excel­lent idea to revi­se your vocab and your talk from time to time. 😉