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Go to TED-Ed, browse through their videos, choose one you are INTERESTED in and watch it. As usual take notes and prepare a short talk.

HW The Book of Life

Go to this website and choose first an overall topic (“chapter”) and then a specific topic that you are interested in. As usual take notes and prepare a short talk.

HW What I learned from 100 days of rejection

Jia Jiang adventures boldly into a territory so many of us fear: rejection. By seeking out rejection for 100 days — from asking a stranger to borrow $100 to requesting a „burger refill“ at a restaurant — Jiang desensitized himself to the pain and shame that rejection often brings and, in the process, discovered that simply asking for what you want can open up possibilities where you expect to find dead ends.

Watch his impressive TED talk.

HW Sonnet 130 Analysis

Watch the following video. Do you like it? Why (not)?


HW The Passive

Go to Englisch-Hilfen, click on Passiv and do the following exercises: 2722, 2724 and 2732 (alle Aufgaben / 4 Teilen).

HW podcastsinenglish

Go to this site, browse through the list of topics and choose/listen to a podcast that you are interested in. As usual prepare a short talk.

HW Titles & Introductions

Go to this page and browse through ALL the topics to get an impression of what kind of topics we have already had in the past. 


HW Vocab Trump

First try to translate the following expressions. Then look up the translations in a new tab (Ctrl/Strg + click) and write them down. Study the WHOLE entry and pay attention to the correct pronunciation. If you don’t know any of the other words, look them up at PONS. Bring your translations to class next lesson. 


HW Phonetic Symbols 1

Revise the symbols with the help of this chart. This site works with Flash, if you don’t see anything study this chart


HW Having Fun with Puns

Study this TeaTime-Mag article following these instructions. Watch the video at the end of the article.

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