HW Teaching Creationism Is Child Abuse

Watch the following video. Click on the cog (Zahnrad = Einstellungen) to activate English subtitles. Stop the video, whenever Krauss uses important words / phrases that you don’t understand and look them up in the OALD and, if necessary, Franks Wörterbuch. As usual take notes and prepare a short talk.  “HW Teaching Creationism Is Child Abuse” weiterlesen

HW Aphorisms

Go to Aphorisms Galore! or to Aphorisms Thoughts Sayings (or any other website with aphorisms) and choose a category / theme that you are interested in or just browse around.

Choose FIVE aphorisms you like, write them down, MEMORIZE them and think about why you like them. Bring your list to class.

***** End of HW *****

If you like you may watch the amusing talk / performance How Can Aphorisms Change Your Life?