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I Just Sued the School System

The guy in the following video speaks pretty fast, so activate English (!) subtitles.


Video zu US Präsidentschaftswahlen

Ein sehr gutes, im Stil von Common Craft gemachtes, ca. dreiminütiges DEUTSCHES „Erklär-Video“ zu den amerikanischen Präsidentschaftswahlen kann man sich hier herunterladen.

HW Having Fun with Puns

Study this TeaTime-Mag article following these instructions. Watch the video at the end of the article.

Cartoon – Model Interpretation

How would you interpret the following cartoon? (If you don’t know what to do, study my instructions.)


Nein, wir können’s nicht

Der amerikanische Politikwissenschafter Mark Lilla sieht den Optimismus seiner Landsleute mit Skepsis. Die Unfähigkeit, aus der Erfahrung zu lernen, mache sie anfällig für falsche Wahlversprechen.

Weiterlesen … (NZZ, Tipp von Max Müller)

Wie du dein Englisch z.B. mit diesem Text verbessern kannst, beschreibe ich in diesem Beitrag.

Metaphorically Speaking

Aphorism enthusiast and author James Geary waxes on a fascinating fixture of human language: the metaphor. Friend of scribes from Aristotle to Elvis, metaphor can subtly influence the decisions we make, Geary says.

Watch this TED video. Then study the “Interactive transcript”. As usual look up important unknown words at PONS.

10 Jahre

… ist es, auf den Tag genau, her, dass ich den ersten Blogbeitrag geschrieben habe. Dank an alle, die meine Arbeit in all den Jahren durch Hinweise, Tipps, Fragen, Kritik und Lob begleitet haben!

Teaching Grammar – Does Grammar Teaching Work?

Despite all the work that has been done on first- and second-language acquisition, we know surprisingly little about how languages are learnt, and even less about how they can best be taught. Theories come and go, assertions are plentiful, facts are in short supply. This is nowhere more true than in the area of grammar. The trouble with teaching grammar is that we are never quite sure whether it works or not: its effects are uncertain and hard to assess. If we teach rules, sometimes students manage to apply them and sometimes they don’t. Practice may have some effect, but carry-over to spontaneous production is often disappointing. If students speak more correctly as time goes by, is this because of our teaching, or would they have got better anyway? Research on methodology is inconclusive, and has not shown detectable and lasting effects, for instance, for implicit versus explicit instruction, for inductive versus deductive learning, or for separated-out study of structure versus incidental focus on form during communicative activity. Understandably, teachers are unsure how much importance they should give to grammar, what grammar they should teach, and how they should teach it. Language-teaching fashions consequently oscillate from one extreme, where grammar is given star billing, to the other, where it is backgrounded or completely ignored.


Wissenschaftlich gesehen …


HW Simple Past vs. Present Perfect

Study this “Gegenüberstellung„. Then go to this site and scroll down to “3. Gegenüberstellungen von Zeitformen”. Do exercises 4418, 4420, 4434 and 4436 (Übung 1-4). As usual look up unknown words at PONS.

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